Mimosa for a gender not at all weak

In many places, mimosas are offered as gifts on Women's Day. We tell you how it came about and what makes mimosas so special.
Why mimosas for Women's Day?
When people in French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino, France and Italy talk about Women's Day, they automatically think of mimosas. Why? This custom goes back to the Italian women's movement in Rome. In fact, on the first Women's Day of the post-war period in Rome, when the movement was preparing to celebrate the day, it wanted to distribute flowers.

The mimosa was chosen. On the one hand because it was precisely the time of its flowering in Rome, and also because the lightly scented branches were available in abundance.
Mimosa - delicate and yet strong, like women
Some varieties of mimosa are exceptional because the leaflets close when stimulated by touching or temperature changes. The folding process takes between 4-5 seconds. After folding is complete, the unfolding of the leaflets can take anywhere from tens of seconds to up to 10 minutes.

Well, mimosas may be extremely sensitive. But there is a surprising vitality and strength in them at the same time. Just like in women. Probably for this reason, the seemingly fragile flowers became the symbol of International Women's Day in some areas.

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