Conditions: let's talk

Conditions: let's talk

Preferential discounts, tailor-made billing and an account for several users are a matter of course. But there are other advantages for corporate clients.
What is your approximate annual flower requirement?
Different needs require specific solutions. Accordingly, the conditions vary from company to company. Because here it's all about wishes, facts and volume.

Just a few examples:
  • Some would like to order bouquets for employees or customers, but only a few.
  • Others know right from the start that their demand for flowers will be somewhat greater over the year.
  • Others want a range of flowers selected by the management, which is available on their company intranet via catalogue files and where orders can be placed with us.
  • And last but not least, there are also companies where orders are placed by so many employees and departments that they would like to have a purchasing option linked to their own system.

We have a solution for everyone and everything. And not only. Of course, we will also talk to you about how you would like to have your billing and how much of a preferential discount we can grant you.
But one thing right from the start: a 5% discount on the value of the flowers from the first order is guaranteed. In addition, you can also grant your employees discounted orders as a fringe benefit via your customer account.

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