How Fleurop works

How Fleurop works

Flowers and plants all over the world within hours! This is a motto that we have been putting into practice every day since Fleurop was founded.
Fleurop - always up to date
Fleurop-Interflora stands for flower deliveries worldwide, through a network of carefully selected partner florists that execute Fleurop orders.

To make this possible, Fleurop provides the communication technology and organizational infrastructure required.
For example, depending on the season and trends, new bouquets and floral arrangements are created, photographed and put online on the Internet.

In addition, Fleurop takes care of invoicing between customers and partner stores and offers customers not only a live chat as a point of contact, but also customer service with competent and professional employees.
Fleurop partners - only the best ones are selected
Fleurop partner stores are under contract to Fleurop and meet the strictest guidelines in respect of quality at all levels.

After all, you want to be sure that the order you place via the Internet, by phone or in one of the many Fleurop specialist shops will give you joy. No matter whether it is delivered in Bern, Berlin, New York, Moscow, Beijing or anywhere else in the world.
Fresh flowers - because only the orders «travel»
Orders placed in Switzerland are first transmitted electronically to the Fleurop head offices in Wangen b. Dübendorf. If they are destined for Switzerland, they are automatically forwarded via the Internet to a Fleurop partner in the vicinity of the recipient.

Orders for delivery outside of Switzerland are first transmitted through electronic channels from the Fleurop head offices to the Fleurop sister company abroad, from where they are sent - again electronically - to a Fleurop florist near the recipient.
In one way or another, only the orders «travel» via the Internet, while the local partner store assembles the flowers or plants on the day of delivery, expertly prepares them and delivers them in person.
More than 40'000 Fleurop partners worldwide are at your service
To enable us to deliver flowers and plants worldwide, the European Fleurop organization merged with sister companies on other continents in 1946 to form the global Interflora Group.

Worldwide there are more than 40'000 flower stores in over 150 countries. This makes Fleurop-Interflora - measured in branches - probably one of the largest retail trade organizations in the world.
So, if your daughter is studying in the USA, your son has a job in China, your favorite aunt recently moved to Ireland or your business partners can be found all over the world, Fleurop-Interflora is the right partner for you: please contact us.
We will deliver your flower greeting quickly, reliably, in best quality and on time.