Women's suffrage - only wishful thinking for a long time

Women's suffrage - only wishful thinking for a long time

For us, the right to vote is a matter of course. But did you know that Swiss women were given it very late? And women in Inner Rhodes even had to wait until 1990?
Fierce fight for women's suffrage
Did you know that Swiss women did not get the right to vote until 1971, and only at the federal level? The municipalities and cantons were equally able to make their own decisions on the matter. And that led to Appenzell Innerrhoden again rejecting women's suffrage at the Landsgemeinde in April 1990.

Now the only option left to the proponents was to turn to the Federal Court. In November, the court let the recalcitrant citizens know that equal rights for men and women had to be accepted in all respects. This toad served by Bern was swallowed. And that is why women have been voting there ever since.
Successful women
Speaking of women: their ideological profile tends to be more social and ecological than that of men, but there are hardly any differences between the sexes in the political arena. And women are clearly successful, so much so that three out of seven Federal Councillors are women.

Women are also increasingly represented in the National Council and at cantonal and municipal levels. Perhaps Women's Day will be an opportunity to surprise female friends, wives or female colleagues with a bouquet of flowers as a sign of loyalty and appreciation.

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