Individual billing

Billing according to your wishes

Whether individual or monthly invoice, cost centre or reference number: we treat you as a corporate client and make your bookkeeping happy too.
Every corporate accounting department is structured differently. You simply tell us what you want: whether an individual or monthly invoice, printed out or as a PDF, with details of cost centre, reference number or other details.
Of course, this applies to both individual and large orders, in Switzerland and abroad. And since with Fleurop corporate services you have only one contact person and therefore only one invoicing party, it works out wonderfully. Even with several customers or users on your part.

The order history of the last orders is also practical. So you always have an overview.

Our best season hits:

Spring Princess
CHF 40.00 - CHF 100.00
Wonderful Day with Liliy
CHF 40.00 - CHF 86.00
Signs of Spring
CHF 52.00 - CHF 92.00
Fragrant Poetry
CHF 59.00 - CHF 99.00
Sweet Surprise
CHF 48.00 - CHF 98.00
April Bouquet of the Month
CHF 55.00 - CHF 95.00
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