Customer loyalty - likeable, effective and lasting

A loyal, faithful regular customer has a lot to do with appreciation. Show your solidarity through flowers.
A psychologically based customer relationship management is an important addition to the classic customer loyalty initiatives. Studies show that it even proves to be very effective, because people per se act rationally only to a limited extent and emotional bonding plays an important role.

We show you how flowers can help you here and position you as a customer-oriented, likeable and emotional company.

Here you will find what you are looking for:

Late Summer Magic
CHF 58.00 - CHF 108.00
Touch of Indian Summer
CHF 45.00 - CHF 75.00
Bouquet Libra (24.09. - 23.10.)
CHF 50.00 - CHF 100.00
MyBouquet Red Roses
From CHF 15.00
Late Summer Dream
CHF 42.00 - CHF 82.00
Top of Summer
CHF 44.00 - CHF 84.00
Symphony of Colors
CHF 62.00 - CHF 132.00
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