Sometimes a gift attracts attention because it comes at an unusual time. Learn why unusual dates can make sense in business.
What could the Women's Day have to do with your business? What is the Just Because Day about? And: Valentine's Day in business? These occasions make sense in everyday business life if you target the right audience and build a bridge between the event, your company and the recipient with a well-chosen message.
But then, flowers are top for Valentine's Day, Women's Day, Men's Day, Just Because Day and other unusual occasions. They are surprising, original and will remain unforgettable. Contact us!

Our surprising gifts:

Fairy-tale Forest
CHF 55.00 - CHF 105.00
Santa Claus Bouquet
CHF 42.00 - CHF 72.00
Fun Santa Bouquet
CHF 48.00 - CHF 98.00
Winter elegance
CHF 40.00 - CHF 140.00
Ice Princess (Christmas rose)
CHF 58.00 - CHF 98.00
Little Angel
CHF 59.00
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