Corporate Flowers? Underline the uniqueness of your company.

Corporate Flowers? Underline the uniqueness of your company.

As a company you make sure to live and communicate your USP every day - with flower gifts you emphasize the uniqueness of your company. Put us to the test.
Let's be creative
Are you looking for something «special»? It should be individual, original and distinctive? Then you have come to the right place!

We not only have florists in our team, but also marketing experts. Together with you we will find the solution for your request. And this will certainly not come «off the rack», but will be specially tailored to you and your company. Whether flowers in the company colors, bouquet with logo or arrangement with product sample, giveaway or other supplements: you will be amazed at what is possible.
Be inspired
If you would like to see what we really can do, just contact us. We'll get creative for you and visit you with your personal company bouquet or an arrangement that embodies your company. This one-time offer is free of charge for you.

Flowers with logo? Unforgettable!
With a logo plaquette you can give a floral greeting your personal touch.
Colorfully set in scene
If you would like to see the gift in your company colours: we are really clever! Let us prove to you how creatively and beautifully the logo, colors and shapes can be staged in such a way that your company shows itself from its best side here too.
... then let us know right away: [email protected] / 044 751 82 80.

Our Seasonal Hits

Spring Princess
CHF 40.00 - CHF 100.00
Little Sunshine
CHF 44.00 - CHF 74.00
Wonderful Day with Liliy
CHF 40.00 - CHF 86.00
Signs of Spring
CHF 52.00 - CHF 92.00
Fragrant Poetry
CHF 59.00 - CHF 99.00
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