Born in the USA, launched in Europe

Born in the USA, launched in Europe

Since 1921, Women's Day has been celebrated worldwide on March 8. In Russia, it's even a public holiday. But women could also make it their personal holiday here.
In the USA, the day was called «National Woman’s Day»
International Women's Day on March 8 was established by Clara Zetkin at the 2nd International Women's Conference in Copenhagen in 191 This was to give more emphasis to the demands of women in the public.

However, it was not the first commemorative day of this kind. From 1909, there was already a «National Woman’s Day» in the USA. This took place on the last Sunday in February and focused on women's suffrage.
An official holiday in Russia
But back to International Women's Day, founded by Clara Zetkin. In Denmark, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland, it was initially held on March 19, while the United States stuck to its February date. But in 1921, it was decided to celebrate it uniformly on March 8.

Incidentally, in Russia International Women's Day is a public holiday, and in China at least the afternoon is off work for women. But even if you have to work in this country: every woman should make March 8 her personal holiday and (let) herself be pampered a little.

Cheers to all women

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