Simple handling

A corporate account simplifies your life.

Simple processes and uncomplicated handling are our top priority: as a corporate client, you can order conveniently via our B2B webshop and profit even more.
Birthday bouquet for employees? Flower subscription for your reception area? Thank you or Sorry flowers for VIP customers? Or a crazy product launch that you introduce to your 500 top customers with a sunflower and a product sample?
For corporate clients the process is very simple. You or your employees order conveniently via our special B2B webshop or contact us directly for more complex orders. Your data is stored, so everything is clear. Thus, you choose, we execute your order and invoicing is carried out as agreed with you and according to the established conditions.

To speed things up even more, you can store frequent delivery addresses in the address book provided.
By the way: we deliver so quickly because orders are transmitted electronically to one of our 50,000 partners worldwide. In a Fleurop partner shop near the delivery address, the flowers are assembled and delivered personally within hours.

All about the advantages of corporate customers