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Touching cards

Flowers open hearts and doors. But only a beautiful card with the right words makes it all round. Look at our new greeting cards. You will be thrilled.
Flowers & Plants
Colors mean a lot. Do you think of «la vie en rose»? Of red like love? Of purple - to which Goethe attributed a special charm? Or should the card be colorful like life or green like hope? Look at our flower and plant motifs and follow your instinct.
There are occasions that require a special card. These are not only birthdays, but also births as well as anything else that needs to be celebrated in a jolly way. These include passed exams and promotions, long trips, but also moves, anniversaries, turns of the year and much more. Of course, we also have cards that cheer up the sick or comfort otherwise.
Often illustrations leave more room for interpretation. When you think of «Hello baby» do you think of your sweetheart or rather a newborn? «Good luck» is clear. But there's this heart next to the ladybird, which could stand for love as well as «heartfelt». And then this cute card with the two bees and the inscription «Let's bee together». The only thing missing is «and feel alright» to think of Bob Marley. Well. Have fun choosing.
Card The Power of Flowers
Fleurop card
It speaks from our soul and therefore carries the message: «THE POWER OF FLOWERS». Flowers are powerful messengers. They touch us every moment of life - independent of age or gender. Dare to try. The reaction will surprise you. By the way, this card is free of charge.