May / June

May and June are months in which one spoils mothers and fathers, but also helpful neighbors. In addition, red roses are given away worldwide. We reveal the background here.
Mother's Day, Switzerland: second Sunday in May
Whether mother, mom or mommy, on Mother's Day you have the opportunity to thank your mommy with flowers: for her perpetual help, her constant availability, her goodness and sensitivity, her loyalty, her comfort and her selfless love. Mother's Day was founded by the American Anna Marie Jarvis. After the death of her mother, she did everything she could to ensure that «Mother's Day» would be recognized and was successful. In 1914 it was introduced in the USA, in the same year it came to England, and since 1917 it is also known in Switzerland. Today it is known all over the world, even if the dates partly differ from the 2nd Sunday in May.

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World Bee Day: 20 May (fixed date)
World Bee Day was proclaimed by the United Nations in 2018. Its aim is to remind us of the immense importance of bees. Through their pollination services, they promote biodiversity and food security. In addition, the day also draws attention to the global decline of bee population and the need to protect these insects. We can all contribute by choosing more flowering plants for gardens, patios and balconies.

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Neighbors’ Day: last Friday in May
«Grump» in the stairwell? Silent strangers in the elevator? Or on the contrary: friendly neighbors who water the plants, watch the cat and are always friendly? Neighbors’ Day is perfect to meet for an informal coffee or barbecue and to get to know each other better. Maybe Grump & Co. suddenly turn out to be very likeable. And you could say thank you to your helpful neighbors, with flowers, for example. Apropos date: If Ascension is in the same week as Neighbors’ Day, the latter takes place one week earlier.

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Father's Day in German and French-speaking Switzerland: First Sunday in June
Show your dad that he is still your hero and that with affection you remember his jokes and help as well as his boundless love. How about a little thank you with a typical plant for men? At you'll find a funny assortment, including a plant that suits your father perfectly. Since 2007, Father's Day has taken place on the first Sunday in June in German and French-speaking Switzerland, whereas in Canton Ticino it has taken place for a long time on 19 March, Saint Joseph’s Day.

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World Red Rose Day: 12 June (fixed date)
Red roses stand for deep emotions. That's why this day is perfect to give someone a red rose and let them feel love, passion or deep affection. This will probably be surprising and especially well received because this day is not yet as well-known as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. By the way: This day is also known as National Loving Day, while the Brazilians call it Dia dos Namorados (Day of the Lovers).

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