Neighbors' Day – 20 May 2022

This day is celebrated by millions of people around the world and shows how much one wishes for a solidary neighborhood. Join in!
Today good neighbors are more important than ever
«Grump» in the stairwell? Silent strangers in the elevator? Or on the contrary: friendly neighbors who water the plants, watch the cat and are always friendly?

Neighbors’ Day is perfect to meet and to get to know each other better. Maybe Grump suddenly turn out to be very likeable. And you could say thank you to your helpful neighbors, with flowers, for example.
By the way, Neighbors' Day is a worldwide phenomenon. It is celebrated by millions of people in 49 countries and is proof that people want to live well together. It is an opportunity to reflect on values such as solidarity, conviviality and friendship and to build better relationships with people who live around us.

So, pluck up your courage and take the first step if necessary. A good neighborhood is always important, today perhaps more than ever.
How to get acquainted with neighbors
There are many ways to celebrate Neighbors' Day. When it comes to saying thank you, surprise the neighbors, for example with a bouquet of flowers to thank them. If it's a matter of getting to know each other or deepening existing relationships, you could meet some neighbors in the garden for coffee.

Or you might consider a brunch together, where everyone brings something. Or you could organise a family afternoon with games for the children. You could also invite for an aperitif after work. And you can even offer a spaghetti menu, where everyone brings a sauce.
You see, with a little goodwill and a little imagination, there is something for everyone.

And what's more: if another pandemic should happen again, you can also make an appointment on the balcony, each on his own, and then greet and toast from a distance.
Invite whom and where?
If you are planning a small event and are now wondering how to approach the whole thing, the motto is: keep it as simple as possible. Invite neighbors you know, but also those you don't know well or don't know at all. This is how you make new contacts.

And where should the whole thing take place? Our tip: wherever you feel comfortable, i.e. in front of the house, in the yard, in the garden, on the balcony, in an apartment or on the roof terrace. In bad weather, common rooms, parking garages and laundry rooms are also suitable.
Whether you invite many or rather few neighbors depends on the space available and the atmosphere you are looking for. In a small circle you get to know each other on a more personal level.

In a larger circle many feel more relaxed and open. If you have the choice, it is best to trust your gut feeling.

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