12 June: World Red Rose Day

Roses seduce - and red roses even more so. No wonder, a day is dedicated to them worldwide. They symbolize love and passion and play the leading role on 12 June.
Red roses! They represent a feeling we all know: Love. From the first romantic infatuation or even passion to the deep, calm affection. Red Roses are messengers of all these emotions. No wonder, one day has been dedicated to them. Of course, this one comes from the USA. But one doesn't know who brought it to life and why. But maybe he or she simply wanted to create a monument to love. No matter.

The rose itself has always been considered a symbol of fertility. Red roses, however, are ambassadors of love par excellence. And so, on this rather unusual date, maybe you can surprise someone with a small declaration of love or a gesture of tenderness.

Playing the «knight of the rose»?

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