4 June is Father's Day

Origin of Swiss Father's Day, amazing facts about domestic and foreign counterparts, Father's Day dates worldwide and loving gift ideas: you'll find it all here.
How did Swiss Father's Day come about? Today, fathers play an increasingly important role. They do many things differently than mothers, but it works. Find out who introduced Father's Day in Switzerland here. Where did the first Father's Day originate? The first Father's Day in Germany was born out of a misunderstanding and became a merry men's party. In the meantime, however, fathers are being pampered there, too. USA make Father's Day popular The German Father's Day originated earlier. But its US counterpart prompted many countries to follow suit. Father's Day Ticino: on March 19 In Ticino, Father's Day takes place on the day of St. Joseph. Here you can find out what flowers are traditionally given for Father's Day as well as other interesting customs. Father's Day 2022 worldwide Around the world, Father's Day takes place on different dates. Because not only Switzerland has chosen another date than the USA. But see for yourself. Smart gifts for fathers A plant that wants to be treated like your father? Or one that resembles him? We have original plants for men. Everything for a Father's Day at home Everything for a Father's Day at home Barbecue for your father? FleuropHOME is the lifestyle store for your own needs. Here you will find everything you need to organize a Father's Day. How to thank and pamper fathers on Father's Day? There are many reasons to thank a father and many ways to spoil him. Here you have ideas, also for Father's Day gifts. Loving Father's Day quotes Are you at a loss of words? Here you will find loving and touching text suggestions for Father's Day to thank your father for his love and support. Decorating tips for Father's Day Whether for an epicure, hobby chef, grill master, tinkerer, craftsman, or superhero: here you will find unusual decorating tips for every father.