Magic: Star-shaped door decoration

Star of Bethlehem, starry sky: stars are simply magical, especially in the pre-Christmas season. Here is a quickly made alternative as door decoration.
Stars made of willow or other natural materials; small Christmas balls; chain of lights; silver wire; ribbon; pink pepper; decorative stars; twigs with cones; possibly hot glue.
We recommend that you create small stars without fairy lights and large stars with fairy lights.

  1. Wrap the stars with silver wire first, so that you have a support for the decoration materials in the middle.
  2. Now attach the chain of lights to the big star.
  3. Decorate with the various accessories. If they do not hold with wire, you can also glue them.
  1. Now pass the ribbon through one of the points of the star so that it is doubled. Tie the ribbon at the top. You can hang the star on it later.
  2. Stars can be hung separately or connected with a ribbon.
  3. In both cases you can embellish the points where the ribbon passes through the star and where the star is hung with a nice little bow.
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