Classy: table decoration at its best

Orchids and roses in white - it couldn't be more noble. We will show you how to use them to create a table decoration that will be the envy of everyone.
White orchids (plant or cut orchids); white roses; eucalyptus; high and low vases; lanterns; spray glue; bronze flakes.
  1. Fill the glitter into a bowl.
  2. In the case of high vases, spray about 3 cm of the upper edge with spray glue and press these spots into the bowl with the flakes. Take one vase after the other, not all at once.
  3. Fill the vases with water and place some orchids and eucalyptus stems in each one
  1. Add water to the small containers and fill them with eucalyptus and a beautiful white rose.
  2. As soon as you have found the right place for the different vases, you can give the whole a Christmassy touch with atmospheric lanterns.

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