Sweet: flowering Santa gift bags

Hohohoo, have you been good all year? For these two Santa gift bags it would be worth it in any case. Even as an adult, you love waiting for Santa Claus here.
Original Santa gift bags; peanuts; candy canes; cones; pink pepper; fir twigs; newspaper; chocolate Santa; Gottlieber cocoa almonds; cyclamen (plant); small plastic bag.
Variant 1
  1. Put the plastic bag over the plant pot.
  2. Stuff some plastic or newspaper into the Santa gift bag.
  3. Place the cyclamen in the bag and decorate it with pink pepper and possibly a candy cane.
Variant 2
  1. Fill the Santa gift bag with peanuts.
  2. Place the chocolate Santa, the Gottlieber cocoa almonds and the candy canes in it and decorate it with fir twigs and some peanuts.
To water the cyclamen, it is best to take it out of the Santa gift bag and place the plant in a bowl of lukewarm water.

After it has soaked for about 5-10 minutes, drain it well, put the plastic bag back over the pot and put it back into the Santa gift bag.

The plastic bag serves to catch the remaining water. This also applies if you prefer to water the cyclamen with a watering can.
Gottlieber cocoa almonds and much more can be found on our online portal fleurop-home.ch.

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