Joyful: a toast with Prosecco to Santa Claus

Between us: we could also toast Santa Claus. Find out how to easily find a very special accessory (or gift) to celebrate him.
Small prosecco bottles, e.g. of Albino Armani; double-sided adhesive tape; orchid stick or other stick for flower support; small Santa Claus hats; string; conifers; a twig with cones; colored cardboard.
  1. Cut some signs from cardboard. These can look like signposts, for example.
  2. Provide them with cheerful keywords.
  3. Wrap the stick first with double-sided adhesive tape, then with string.
  1. Glue the signs to the stick.
  2. Put a Santa hat on all bottles of Prosecco.
  3. Tie the conifers, the twig with the cones and the stick with the signs to one of the bottles of Prosecco with a little string.

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