Contemplative: star-shaped arrangements

Contemplative: star-shaped arrangements

If the magical beauty of a sparkling starry sky sometimes leaves you speechless, this decoration tip will appeal to you especially.
Star-shaped containers; candle; conifers; chain of lights; cones; Christmas balls; cinnamon sticks; decorative stars; silver wire.
Version 1 with candle
  1. Place the candle in the container.
  2. Fill the gaps with conifers (caution: keep them rather low because of the flame).
  3. Decorate with Christmas accessories such as baubles, cones, stars, etc.
  4. Embellish the whole with some silver wire.
Version 2
  1. Place the light chain in the container.
  2. Fill it with conifers, but make sure that the chain of lights remains clearly visible.
  3. Now decorate with accessories like balls, cones, cinnamon sticks, stars, etc.
Be careful when making the container with the candle that you keep enough distance between the conifers and the candle wick so that the conifers do not ignite when the candle is lit.

Cut the wick back regularly.
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