What do snowdrops and storks have in common?

What do snowdrops and storks have in common?

There are many messengers of spring. They all show us that spring is here. In the past, they were not only eagerly awaited, but also duly celebrated.
Why was spring especially welcome in the past?
The hearts of our ancestors also beat faster when they saw the first snowdrops, crocuses or tulips. They were more dependent on nature than we are, suffered from the cold in winter and could not simply import food.

No wonder they were afraid of the cold season and were relieved when nature woke up. They welcomed spring with joy.
How people celebrated spring messengers
The ancient Greeks and Romans were also relieved to welcome the first swallows as messengers of spring.

And later - even in the 18th century - the guards of the dungeons of many European cities had to announce the appearance of the first stork.
Even the first spring flower was celebrated.

And as exaggerated as this may seem today, in many regions a kind of spontaneous celebration took place when the first spring flower appeared. People gathered in the meadow, hang the flower on a pole and dance around it.

Our colorful messengers of spring

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