Good mood is YELLOW!

Good mood is YELLOW!

Colors provoke emotions. How do you feel about yellow? Here you can find out why we almost all react similarly to this color, especially in spring.
Why yellow spring flowers are so popular
Ask your friends and acquaintances what color they associate with spring and Easter. You will be amazed how many of them answer with «yellow».

That's because yellow symbolizes sunlight. And when you yearn for light after the austere winter months, you almost automatically long for yellow.
So, bring on the yellow forsythia, primroses, tulips, freesias and daffodils!

The advantage is that these flowers are not only beautiful, but that yellow also makes you optimistic, spreads a good mood and even stimulates your mental capacity.
What does the language of flowers say about it?
Yellow spring flowers also have a special meaning in the language of flowers.

For example, yellow tulips indicate a happy love life, daffodils express longing, yellow crocuses are the symbol of youth, forsythia the anticipated joy and yellow irises are messengers of happiness.
If you want to learn more about the colors of flowers and their symbolism, click here.

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