A long time ago, the New Year was celebrated in spring

Why did the ancient Romans come up with the idea of starting the year with spring? And why is the first month of spring called «March»? Here are the answers.
In ancient Rome, the world was created in spring
We are not the only ones who long for spring. That was already the case with the ancient Romans. But because they were more at the mercy of nature than we are and everything finally began to sprout again in spring, they believed that the world was also created at the beginning of spring.

When they created the old Roman calendar, they therefore let the year begin with the month of March. Because «Martius» was the Roman vegetation god Mars.
Spring and the beginning of the year partly still coincide today
In other calendar systems, the beginning of spring also marked the beginning of the year.

For example, in the ancient calendars of Japan and China. But the old-Iranian Nouruz resp. Newroz is also such a festival. In Persia this was during centuries New Year and spring celebration at the same time. And in Iran as well as with the Kurds in Iraq this is still the case today.

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