Siblings Day – 10 April

Siblings Day – 10 April

Siblings? They have shaped us more than we know. One more reason to surprise them on April 10 and give them a treat. Here is some information.
Why a «Siblings Day»?
On April 10th, the whole world regularly celebrates the Day of Brothers and Sisters. It was created in 1997 by Claudia Evart to draw attention to the special bond that unites siblings. Meanwhile, this day has become very popular. It is used to contact brothers and sisters and to remember times shared together. 

In other words: contact your brothers and sisters on April 10. This day may be a good opportunity to surprise even those with whom contact has become sparse or has broken off completely. Phones, smartphones and social media are suitable for this, but also flowers. These are always well received because they open hearts and are simply loving.
Are firstborns smarter?
Studies on siblings led to astonishing results. Or did you know that firstborns are on average slightly smarter? This is because they enjoy special support from their parents at the beginning of their lives. This gives them self-confidence.

Middle children, also known as sandwich children, on the other hand, have to share their parents' attention with their siblings and are rarely the focus of attention. Usually they get less care time, but learn to be diplomatic and willing to compromise - an advantage in life. Sandwich children are usually sociable and have a large circle of friends.
Last-born children develop faster
And what about the last-born children? They often feel unchallenged. 

But because they have a lot of siblings who are already capable of more, they develop faster to emulate them.
Speaking of quarrels and conflict solutions
Did you quarrel with your siblings when you were a child? This is perfectly normal, because you probably spent most of your childhood time with them. Quarrels are important because a large part of our individual personality develops from them.

So whether we are yielding or demanding, lively or rather reserved: conflict solutions, which we developed with our siblings, are later used in other situations and make our lives easier (or more difficult).
Even siblings can be strangers to us
By the way, if you have siblings who seem unrelated to you, researchers say that this is not unusual. Even siblings who look alike on the outside can be completely different in personality.

Conclusion: Whether it is a feeling of strangeness or solidarity, perhaps April 10 will provide a good opportunity to contact brothers and sisters for reminiscing about common memories.

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