Just Because Day – 27 August

Mostly you do things because you have to or out of routine. But «just like that», isn't that great? On August 27th you have the opportunity to enjoy this cool feeling.
Why is there a Just Because Day?
If you ask yourself why this day was founded or why it takes place on August 27, the answer is: Just because!

Sometime someone has probably realised how nice it is to do something «just because», to get something as a gift «just because» or to surprise someone «just because». As we grow up and fit into the world, we tend to adapt to what is expected of us. For many people this is quite boring in the long run. Therefore, on this very special day, the unspoken rules that society has set for us no longer all apply.
So, on 27 August we have the unique opportunity to do what our hearts desire.

This day should encourage us to march to the beat of our own drum and gives us the wonderful chance to do something unreasonable for once. Well, then. Have a good time!
Spaghetti for breakfast?
Doing something «just because»! With that attitude, you can do quite a lot with the day.

So, if you want to eat spaghetti for breakfast, just do it. If you fancy a new haircut or hair color, just go for it. You could also drink milk in a cow-look T-shirt, go somewhere spontaneously or surprise a friend with flowers.
This day is your chance to bring a little spontaneity into your life. It is also a great opportunity to pass on a little bit of positivity to others!

Pay a bill for the table next to you. Leave someone a nice message on their desk. The possibilities are endless, and the only thing holding you back at best is yourself! So, on this one day, just stop asking yourself why.

Surprise someone with flowers, just because.

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