Pumpkin filled with flowers

Whether as a table decoration or effective eye-catcher: a gourd or pumpkin filled with summer flowers or the last roses of the year can look wonderfully romantic.
Decorative gourd; plastic; floral foam; tooth-picks or wooden skewers; seasonal flowers, tendrils from berry bushes or other plants; autumn leaves from the garden or woods.
  1. Cut off the upper third of the gourd like a lid.
  2. Hollow out the lower part, line it with plastic and fill it with floral foam soaked in water. Please note: cut the upper edge of the floral foam on a slant to form a watering lip.
  1. Next, insert flowers, leaves and tendrils into the floral foam.
  2. Stick two toothpicks side by side into the inside of the lid so that it can be attached to the upper edge of the planted part of the gourd.
If the gourd is fairly large, you may need wooden skewers instead of toothpicks. These should be cut to the desired length. And don't overdo the number of flowers, and use tendrils and leaves instead of flowers in the area where the lid will be placed. To avoid water stains on furniture, it's best to place the gourd on a base (e. g. a wooden board, flat stone or slate).

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