Poetic potpourri

Fancy a bowl that captures all the richness and colorfulness of late summer and early autumn?
flat bowl; hot glue; lavender panicles; winding wire; autumn fruits such as physalis, berries, corn cobs, decorative pumpkins, chestnuts, etc.; (optional) floral foam; (optional) autumn flowers such as roses, sunflowers, zinnias, asters, physalis, chrysanthemums.
  1. Stick lavender panicles on the outside of the bowl, pressing them tightly together.
  2. Wind the wire two or three times round the bowl. This not only looks beautiful, but also provides an additional attachment for the lavender.
  3. Fill the bowl.
  4. Either simply add autumnal fruit.
  5. Or fill it with florist's foam soaked in warm water and put flowers in it.
This decoration is portable and can be placed wherever you need it. In addition, wilting flowers can always be replaced by fresh ones.

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