pot or shards in terracotta decorated naturally

Pot or shards in terracotta decorated naturally

Sometimes the most beautiful eye-catchers are those that are very easy to make. Here are two variants.
hammer; clay pot; earth; succulents; twigs; snail shells.
  1. With the first variant, you knock off a piece of the clay pot wall with the hammer in the upper half and place it in the rest of the pot.
  2. In the second variation, use a hammer to break the clay pot in two.
  1. Now fill in soil: for variant 1, place it in the two "clay pot compartments"; for variant 2, place it on the two clay fragments.
  2. Plant the succulents on the soil and decorate them with twigs and snail shells.
This decoration is intended for outdoors. However, it is an advantage if you set it up somewhat sheltered (this applies especially to variant two, because the earth is washed away when it rains).

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