Incredible facts that only a few know

Are bees colorblind? How do they alarm when they feel attacked? And can bees «predict» natural disasters? Here are the answers. 
Bees never see red and have prophetic qualities
Bees don't just produce honey. Here are facts that hardly anyone knows:

  • Bees have a sight defect. Through their compound eyes, they can only detect red as black. They prefer blue and yellow flowers. And they also have the unique ability to see ultraviolet light.
  • Last but not least, according to Franconian researchers, bees can also indicate approaching natural disasters through their behavior. This involves not only rather rare events such as earthquakes, but also severe weather and periods of drought.
Bee alarm - what you should know about it
Bees communicate via pheromones. Honey bees emit alarm pheromones, for example, when they feel attacked. An attacker is therefore not only stung, but also marked as an aggressor by the pheromones.

This increases the bees' propensity to attack. Once stung, you should therefore not approach the bees on the same day and wash your clothes before your next visit to the hive.
Honey - delicious and healthy
By the way, honey is not only delicious, but also healthy. Studies show that it can relieve cold symptoms such as coughs and sore throats due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. In addition, many swear by the calming effects of warm honey milk to help them sleep better. So these are more reasons to like honey.

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