South Africa: work sharing of two bee breeds and protection of trees

In South Africa, a lot of honey is eaten, which really keeps the two bee breeds found there busy. But apparently bees have other benefits as well.
Job sharing among South African bees
South Africans have a sweet tooth. After all, they are said to consume around 3,000 tons of honey a year. This huge amount is produced mainly by two types of honey bees. One is the black Cape bee, the other is the African bee.

Interestingly, the Cape bee stops at the southwestern tip of the continent, as if on an invisible line, and leaves the northern territory to the African bee. Of course, the two bee breeds also share their pollination job with mammals, such as fruit bats.
Bees protect old trees from elephants
Speaking of bees: according to a study by the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, these have another side effect. If beehives are placed on particularly old trees, the elephants won't touch them.

In this way, old or special vegetation can be protected. Because even the big elephant obviously has respect for the little honeybees. 

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