Care tips for flowers, bouquets and arrangements

Care tips for flowers, bouquets and arrangements

Here you will find the most important rules: «golden ones», which are best learned by heart, but then also special tips for cut flowers, bouquets and flower arrangements. 
Golden Rules - a MUST for every flower lover
  • Choose a clean vase and wash it every time you change the water.
  • Fill it with lukewarm water. Check the water level every day and top up if needed. Change the water after 2-3 days.
  • Not all flowers need the same amount of water. See detailed care tips.
  • Add floral preservative to the water according to the exact instructions on the package. It will reduce the decomposition process. Do not use sugar or similar instead. This will accelerate the rotting process.
  • Place the flowers in the water. Remove any leaves that are touching the water.
  • If there is floral preservative in the water, top up the water daily. If you are not using floral preservative, you should change the water every day.
  • When not specifically noted otherwise in our care tips, cut flower stems diagonally with a sharp knife after 2-3 days.
  • Find a cool, shady and draught-free position. Avoid bright sunlight, anywhere close to radiators or behind glass. If this is not possible during the day, treat your flowers to a cool place overnight at least.
  • NEVER place flowers close to a fruit basket. Fruit constantly produces ethylene, which accelerates the natural process of withering.
Speaking of vases: you should clean vases in the dishwasher if possible.

Tip: Kukident or Corega Tabs also work well. Just place a tablet in the vase with fresh water, leave to act overnight and rinse.
Cut flowers in general
The Golden Rules listed above apply in principle to all cut flowers.
Additional information:

  • As a rule, one third of the stems should be in the water. Therefore, choose a vase that is high enough.
  • If there is floral preservative in the water, top up the water daily and change it only after 2-3 days. If you are not using floral preservative, you should change the water every day.
  • Whenever you change the water, take this opportunity to cut the flower stems and clean the vase.
Tricks to prevent drooping heads
If your cut flowers are limp or their heads are drooping, you don't have to copy them. Here are two tricks from Fleurop:

  • Encourage the flowers to absorb water by cutting the stems with a sharp knife then placing them in hot water (50-60 degrees) 5-15 cm deep, depending on the length of the stems, for a few minutes, then immediately afterwards in hand-hot water.
  • It also helps if you wrap drooping cut flowers in a taut paper cover and place them in water for a few hours. Take care not to let the paper touch the water, as this will cause marks on sensitive leaves and blossoms.
The above measures are particularly effective in combination.
Fancy bouquets that look fresh even after days? The Golden Rules listed previously apply to them as well.
Additional tips:

  • Never cut open the binding of a bouquet. That way, it will hold the florist's design and keep for longer.
  • Choose a vase that will allow the stems to be in water up to the binding. The basic rule is that the height of the vase should be one third of the total height of the bouquet.
  • Check the water level every day and top up if needed.
  • Remove single dead blossoms. They accelerate the natural process of withering.
When you receive the bouquet from the Fleurop flower shop, it is professionally cut so that the flowers absorb water quickly and efficiently.

However, you can prolong the life of your bouquet if you cut the stems diagonally again with a sharp knife after a few days.
Arrangements have the advantage that they come complete with container, because the flowers were incorporated into moist floral foam.
Our tips:

  • Do not place flower arrangements directly on delicate supports. Water stains could occur when watering.
  • Check the moisture content of the floral foam daily and carefully add fresh water.
  • As soon as single flowers no longer look fresh, you can replace them with fresh ones. This will extend the durability.

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