Care tips for Christmas flowers

When it comes to Christmas spirit, poinsettias, amaryllis and Christmas roses can't be missing in bouquets and arrangements. Here are our tips. 
The bracts of poinsettias in their impressive colors are simply beautiful. However, they need a little know-how when it comes to care:

  • As a cut flower, you need to be aware that cutting doesn't agree with them. So, either don't cut them, or if you do, dip the end of the stem (approx. 5 cm) in hot water immediately afterwards. Alternatively, you can flame them briefly with a cigarette lighter. This ensures that the sticky, milky sap excreted by these flowers when cut will coagulate and the flowers will not «bleed to death». Do not cut these flowers again later on.
At Fleurop and its partner stores poinsettias are available from November until Christmas.

Please also read our «Golden Rules» with important basic information
The incredible variety of colors of the amaryllis never ceases to amaze us. Here are some special care tips:
  • Because the thick stem is hollow, it curls up in water. For this reason, flower shops wind narrow raffia (or a rubber band) two or three times round the base of the stem.
  • When cutting the amaryllis, push the raffia or rubber band up a little and cut each stem diagonally with a sharp knife.
  • Because amaryllis flowers are tall, florists insert a thin rod in the thick, hollow stem, depending on the arrangement, so that it doesn't buckle.
  • Select a vase that is tall enough and only add a little water in order to prevent the stem from rotting.
  • To avoid pressure marks, don't lay the flowers on the blossoms when changing the water. Keep another container on hand or lay them on the edge of the table in such a way that the blossoms are in the air.
  • Remove withered blossoms with a pair of scissors.

At Fleurop and its partner stores, amaryllis are available from November to New Year. Please also read our «Golden Rules» with important basic information.
Christmas roses
Christmas roses are a wonderful transition between amaryllis and tulips, putting an end to the winter dreariness. Here's our tip:

  • Cut these stems straight (not diagonally) first, then score the end of the stem in an additional cross shape.
  • Put Christmas roses in enough water and place them in a cool place.

At Fleurop and its partner stores, Christmas roses are available from mid-November until Christmas. Please also read our «Golden Rules» with important basic information.

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