Rose - queen of flowers

The roses have seduced for thousands of years. They stand for innocence, beauty and vitality, and of course for love. Looked at that way, this is a declaration of love for a flower that has no equal: with its history, its meaning and its many uses.
About rose gifts Roses are classic gifts of love. But why is there the custom of always giving an odd number of roses? And at what point is a rose long-stemmed? Why roses don’t have thorns? «No rose without a thorn», they say. Well, that's just plain wrong. Because roses have no thorns. Learn more about a big misunderstanding here. Wild roses have been around for 25 million years Unbelievable, but true: even before there were humans, the first wild roses were blooming. They were simple, had five petals and still exist today. Roses first cultivated in China Chinese, Sumerians, Japanese or Persians: all wanted the rose. The rose culture of the Chinese even belonged for a long time to the most advanced in the world. Europeans discover rose cultivation For a long time, roses in Europe only bloomed once. This only changed with the discovery trips of the English and Dutch to Asia in the 16th century. Roses for fragrances and cosmetics Roses have stimulated creativity in many areas, also in the beauty world. Here you will find exciting things about rosewater, rose oil, rose perfume and smelling bottles. Roses and their healing properties The rose has always been used as a medicinal plant. Not only in ancient China, but also in Persia, Greece and Rome. This has remained so until today. 12 June: World Red Rose Day Roses seduce - and red roses even more so. No wonder, a day is dedicated to them worldwide. They symbolize love and passion and play the leading role on 12 June. Roses with the Max Havelaar Fairtrade label Learn more about the Max Havelaar Fairtrade label and Fleurop's collaboration.