Red? Stands for infatuation and love & is simply sexy

Red? Stands for infatuation and love & is simply sexy

What do you think of when you see something red? And how is it in other cultures? Here you will find interesting facts.
Red stands for love and power
In a flirting mood? Totally smitten? Or madly in love? Then red is your color on Valentine's Day. Red represents love and passion, but also power and importance. Red is so important that it got its own word in most languages early on.

In ancient religions, people used red cloths against diseases and the evil eye. In politics, the color red was used to demonstrate power: red dyes were only allowed to high dignitaries.
In China red stands for happiness and joy
But even today red has many positive meanings. For example, in China, where it symbolizes happiness, wealth and joy. Traditional Chinese brides wear a red wedding dress. And when a child is born, neighbors deliver red eggs to the happy couple as a sign of good luck and well-being.

In Russian, the terms for «red» and «beautiful» have the same root.
In Africa, red stands for vitality
Even today red stands for many things that are valuable and expensive.

In some parts of Africa, on the other hand, red is considered the color of life. Therefore, in certain regions of Central Africa, people are painted with red ocher to stimulate their vitality.

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