Eternal love!

Eternal love!

Who invented Valentins's Day? Not us, that's for sure. But find out here why this wonderful day came about.
In love with love
If you think Fleurop invented Valentine's Day, you're wrong. This holiday has been around for 2000 years. So, it is much older than we are.

It was the ancient Romans who first celebrated the day of love, from February 13-15. And they even organized a love lottery.
The Church founds Valentine's Day
Then came Christianity, and this put an end to this pagan ritual. Instead of a love lottery, there was suddenly a saints' lottery. But people did not like it very much.

Moreover, the church now called the day «Valentine's Day», because in the meantime there were name days and February 14 was dedicated to St. Valentine.
Love wins
Later, Valentine's Day was again associated with love. The first romantic poem about Valentine's Day was written by the Englishman Geoffrey Chaucer in 1383. And the first affectionate Valentine's message was written by Duke Charles of Orleans on February 14, 1440.

Today, Valentine's Day is known in many countries, and everywhere flowers play an essential role.

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