Typical funeral flowers and what they symbolise

Typical funeral flowers and what they symbolise

If you are wondering what flowers or colours are appropriate for a funeral: the rule is that there are generally no rules or boundaries.

«Typical funeral flowers» - we explain what they symbolise here:
Calla lily: symbolises immortality; it is also popular as a funeral flower because of its elegance.

Chrysanthemum: symbolises loyalty, pure love and friendship and lasts for a long lime.
Dahlia: is a symbol of strength and says «Forever Yours».

Gerbera: stands for intimate friendship, light and vitality; yellow gerberas are used particularly often

Hydrangea: stands for gratitude

Lily: stands for kindness and transience.
Lisianthus: stands for esteem, dignity and charisma.

Carnation: stands for love, friendship and everlasting loyalty.
Orchid: stands for friendship.
Rose: symbolises love, affection and transience. Red roses are generally reserved for people who were very close to the departed. White and pastel-coloured roses stand for faithfulness.

Forget-me-not: is a subtle symbol of remembrance and faithfulness.

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