Flowers for a bereavement: basics

Flowers give the bereaved comfort and are a sign of respect and remembrance for the deceased. Flowers for the bereaved and for the deceased are basically different.
Flowers tell a person's story and place that person centre stage. It is therefore important that you should think about the departed and consider the kind of person they were.

Tell the florist your thoughts about the departed, perhaps with regard to their hobbies or particular likes and dislikes, favourite colours and flowers, etc. In this way, try to create a mix of flowers that best embody the character of the departed. For example, if they loved dancing, a joyful and vibrant bouquet might be just right.
If, on the other hand, they were of a more reticent and thoughtful nature, perhaps delicate shades of lilac or cream and white would be more appropriate.

Possibly they had favourite flowers or colours. Perhaps you might like to choose a single flower that you can place in the grave at the end of the ceremony.
The following are appropriate for the bereaved: bouquets and floral arrangements. These need not necessarily be in white. However, it is important to bear in mind the nationality of the bereaved in this case.

Wreaths, floral bowls, bouquets and floral arrangements are good for graves (for overview, see funeral floristics ) Colourful flowers are often popular here. However, it is important to bear in mind the nationality of the bereaved in this case.
By the way: you can either deliver the flowers for funerals or for the bereaved yourself, or you can have them delivered worldwide via

Sadness & Comfort

Wreath classic (For the Cemetery)
Wreath classic (For the Cemetery)
CHF 450.00 - CHF 850.00
Sincere Condolences
CHF 76.00 - CHF 146.00
With Deepest Sympathy
CHF 96.00 - CHF 216.00
Rest in Peace
Rest in Peace
CHF 78.00 - CHF 152.00
Deepest Sympathy (for the cemetery)
CHF 90.00 - CHF 185.00
Last Journey (for the cemetery)
CHF 90.00 - CHF 170.00
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