Flowerboxes with city names - simply irresistible

Looking for a special gift? Fancy flowers that make you travel at least in your thoughts? Take a look at our new flowerboxes. You will be thrilled.
Flowerboxes with roses or mixed flowers - a divine idea
Elegant roseboxes and cheerful flowerboxes: in the socials and blogs of influencers they appear almost daily and are now «the talk of town» even at Fleurop and Fleurop partner florists.

We are not surprised that flowerboxes are on the rise. Those who receive them do not need a vase because they can simply put them there, move them when needed and then continue to use the box when empty.

What's more, this premium segment gift is really something special: it's original and classy.
Moreover, our selection has been designed so that there is something for every taste. Do you prefer roses or other flowers? Plain or multicolor?

Take a look at our assortment. We wouldn't be surprised if you give not only your loved ones but also yourself such an eye-catcher.
Flowerboxes with city names? An excellent idea.
Let's be honest: most of us like to travel. Unfortunately - for a variety of reasons - this is not always possible. That is why we have given each flowerbox a city name.

We have chosen cities that seem particularly attractive to us. And that's why you can immerse yourself with each rosebox or flowerbox:

into the romanticism of Venice, the lively Barcelona, the unusual Dublin, the breathtakingly beautiful Florence, the dazzling Paris or the unique Rio. You have many beautiful cities to choose from. And we can only wish you one thing at this point: Have a good trip!
Which flowerbox to which city? Florists get creative.
When our team, led by master florist Marc Müller from «The BLOOMERY», developed the flower boxes in their studio of the shopping center Glatt, they tried to capture the spirit of the different cities.

Not only by assigning different colored boxes to the cities, but above all by varying the contents.
Roses or mixed flowers? And which color or color combination? We all enjoyed «the birth» of each flowerbox very much and are curious to see which of the many boxes with mixed flowers or roses you fall in love with.

By the way: of course we did not forget the holidays. And that's why the flower boxes Berlin and New York are decorated with festive Christmas accessories. Enjoy the selection.
Rosebox or flowerbox - whom do you give what?
It is actually quite simple: flowerboxes with roses or mixed flowers take the recipient into another world.

It can be the answer to his desire to travel, the invitation to be close to a city one particularly loves - or to indulge in shared memories.
But perhaps you will also read the description that we have assigned to the individual flower boxes. And so it could very well be that one of the cities, in your opinion, is particularly suitable for those who receive the flowers.

In other words: here you have the opportunity to open new horizons to someone, to break down the limits of their home and make them dream. What could be better.
Durability and maintenance of flowerboxes
Whether rosebox or flowerbox: these are especially noble flower arrangements. They are plastic-coated boxes and then filled with moist floral foam into which the florist inserts roses or other flowers.

This means that you should check the moisture content of the foam every day and carefully add water if necessary.
It is best not to place the box directly on a sensitive surface. When adding water, stains may occur.

If you handle everything correctly, a flowerbox will last at least 5 days. Our tip: if you remove withered flowers regularly and replace them with fresh ones, you can increase the durability.
Purchase of flowerbox or rosebox - also possible online
Well? Convinced? Or at least curious about our hottest product line? Our newly developed flowerboxes with roses or mixed flowers are now available online at Fleurop.ch and of course in all Fleurop flower stores.

But it's definitely worth a visit to Fleurop.ch. Because this way you can see all the creations at a glance and get a better idea of which of the cities you are going to choose. Have fun browsing.