Ever heard of birth horoscopes?

Today birth horoscopes are rare. But for future rulers they were once commonplace, because people wanted to know more about the fate of their newborn child as early as possible.
Long before ordinary mortals celebrated their birthdays, there were birth horoscopes. Such horoscopes originated in Babylon, where one has been found dating back to the year 410 B.C. At that time, however, they consisted only of information about the position of the planets in the signs of the zodiac, with the addition of very simple interpretations. For example: «His days will be many».
They became more detailed later on. With precise facts about the date, time and place of birth, the character and other personal features could also be read from the birth horoscope.
In the beginning, horoscopes were mainly drawn up for rulers and priests. Later, wealthy Romans were the first to have individual horoscopes created for themselves. Special positions of the planets (such as the Star of Bethlehem) were considered to be a sign of great power at that time. By the way, do you know how the word «horoscope» originated? It comes from the Greek and means «a glimpse into time».

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