Surprise! Cool birthday presents

Fancy some inspiration? With our search options you will find horoscope bouquets, favorite flowers, plants for men as well as sweet, sparkling and sentimental additional gifts.
Of course, it is not always easy to offer something special. But with us it is. We have plants and flowers in all colors - plus sweets for treats, Prosecco and wines for toasts and much more. If you want to give your message an individual touch, you can even add a personal picture and further design elements to the birthday card via MyCard for the ultimate wow effect.
To help you find what you are looking for quickly, we offer search options. So, you can enter whether you prefer flowers or plants, who the gift is for, which color or flower you prefer or which additional gift you have in mind. Last but not least, under «Horoscope» we have the right bouquet for every sign of the zodiac.
So it doesn't matter if you want to toast with a person to a rosy future, if you want to enthuse with a bouquet of white flowers, if you want to be colorful because life is full of colors or if you want to convey an unmistakable message with red flowers: with us you have the choice.
You will even find plants that are specially designed for men and unique in their kind. You will be delighted.

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