Cool – Mexican piñatas

Planning a child's birthday party? We will tell you about a Mexican custom that enchants children all over the world.
At Mexican birthday parties for children piñatas are an absolute must. They are colorful containers made of papier-mâché, filled with treats and little surprises, hanging from a rope above the children and accessible only with a stick.
During the birthday party, the children hit them until the piñata breaks. They are blindfolded and each child has three hits. As soon as the content pours over the children, everyone tries to get as much as possible.
Piñatas are also the symbol of fiestas (celebrations) par excellence. Nowadays, they often have a human, animal or cartoon character form. The original piñatas, on the other hand, were balls with seven cones that symbolized the seven deadly sins. The stick stood for the power God gives us to fight evil and the blindfolded eyes symbolized faith. Last but not least, the treats represented the happiness of fighting evil. The religious significance, however, was largely lost. And nowadays, piñatas simply mean fun.

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