Sentimental - spring feelings in your home

It's the small but subtle details that make our homes cozy. One of them is this wonderful floral arrangement, as unusual as spring itself.
Plastic container; Oasis floral foam; bark; hot glue; string; various flowers (such as hyacinths, muscari, ranunculus, hypericum, viburnum, jasmine tendrils and olive branches).
  1. Fill the plastic container with floral foam soaked in water.
  2. Glue the bark to the two long sides of the plastic container. Make sure that the container is no longer visible. If necessary (and desired), you can tie the bark to the ends. Since the bark we used had a good shape, we didn't need to do this.
  1. Add water to the floral foam and decorate it with flowers and greenery.
Be sure to water the floral foam regularly.
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Spring flower arrangements

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