Poetic - spring awakening

Wreaths are always beautiful - especially in spring when they're as playful and unusual as this one.
Snail shells; Styrofoam or willow wreath; 3 or 4 violets (plants); hot glue; sisal fiber; plastic pot or cachepot that fits the opening of the wreath and in which the violets can be planted.
  1. Wrap the wreath with sisal.
  2. Attach the snail shells to it with hot glue. Start at the bottom and line up snail shell to snail shell. Each subsequent row is shifted slightly inward so that the top row is as close as possible to the opening where you will later place the violets.
  1. Insert a little sisal into the spaces between the snail shells here and there to make it look more pretty.
  2. Plant the violets in the large pot, wrap it with sisal and place it in the center of the wreath.
To water the plant, simply remove the pot from the wreath. Since you still can not completely exclude water spots, it is recommended to put the wreath on a small plate that can collect any residual water. Water stains are especially annoying on wooden furniture.

By the way, this wreath can be used anywhere and is also an excellent table decoration.
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