Impressive - springlike welcome

Whether as a cheer-up for yourself and your loved ones or as a springlike welcome for guests: this decoration is an eye-catcher and spontaneously creates a good mood.
Small resin pots; wooden board; Oasis floral foam; snail shells; various flowers (e.g. freesias, ranunculus, viburnum, limonium and olive branches); small plastic bags.
  1. Line two thirds of the resin pots with plastic.
  2. Cut the floral foam and place it in water to soak. Now put it into the pots.
  3. Distribute the pots on the wooden board. Place the empty pots upside down.
  1. Decorate the foam-filled pots with flowers and greenery.
  2. Spread the snail shells picturesquely between the pots
Since flowers need water, always make sure the floral foam is moist.
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The most beautiful flowers of the season

Summer meadow
CHF 52.00 - CHF 112.00
CHF 46.00 - CHF 86.00
Natural Summer Bouquet
CHF 48.00 - CHF 98.00
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CHF 65.00 - CHF 135.00
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CHF 38.00 - CHF 78.00
Seasonal bouquet with Swiss flowers
Seasonal bouquet with Swiss flowers
CHF 45.00 - CHF 85.00
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