Promising - seed balls for love to flourish

Don't we all hope that our love will grow and flourish? With these loving seed balls you send out the right signs.
Flower seeds; soil (without peat); clay powder (also available in color); water; bowl; packaging suitable for Valentine's Day; white dried forest moss or lichen.
  1. Put 2/3 soil, 1/3 clay powder and flower seeds into the bowl and mix well.
  2. Add a little water and mix it. Make sure that the mixture is not too wet, but not too dry either. Only if the consistency is ideal can you form balls.
  1. Place the balls on a tray and let them dry for a few hours in a warm place or on the radiator.
  2. Put some forest moss or lichen in the Valentine's package and place the seed balls on it.
If the soil/clay mixture is too liquid, add clay or soil. If the balls fall apart during kneading, the mass is too dry and needs more water.

And, why don't you write a short message to tell your sweetheart what these seed balls mean and how to use them. The balls should not be buried, but only lightly pressed into the ground.
Inform your treasure also of the seed-starting date that was mentioned on the seed packet. Once in the ground, the seed balls need regular watering.
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