Planning the type of party and food

Planning the type of party and food

A barbecue party where everyone is pushing towards the grill or a bring-along party with lots of potato salad? This can be avoided with our tips.
Barbecue and other outdoor cooks as well as fans of the open air will enjoy a garden party very much. The only question is how you will present the whole occasion:

  • You could hold a classic barbecue, a cold buffet with lots of tasty snacks or a party where the guests bring their own food or part of it (bring-and-share party).
  • Bring-and-share parties are a good way to cushion the cost impact. Agree on exactly who will do what. For example, you can ask guests to bring salads or a dessert, or the aperitif, or bread. You can also request them to bring the barbecue meat that they would like to eat (that way, everyone gets something they like). The important thing is for you to know exactly who is bringing what.
  • In the case of a barbecue, ask yourself how you want to handle it. Will everybody do their own? And if so: is there enough room at the barbecue? If not, you may be able to borrow more barbecues from friends or neighbours.
  • If you don't want your guests to cook themselves, you need a "barbecue boss". It might be you, otherwise ask among the guests or hire a professional (e.g. the butcher where you buy the meat or a caterer).
  • If the number of guests is large enough, you may want to spit-roast a suckling pig. Order it early and put it on the barbecue in good time.
  • Here are some rules of thumb to make it easier for you to plan the quantities of food. For starters and salads, allow 250 g per person, for meat and fish 150-200 g and for desserts 100-200 g. Don’t forget vegetarians - offer vegetable kebabs or veggie-burgers, for example.

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