Exotic fruit vases

No vacation in sight? Travel not possible? Our decoration tips help to spice up barbecues or small garden parties with a little holiday atmosphere.
A barbecue evening for those who long to travel? Or an exotic garden party planned? Then we have two ideas that will inspire your guests.
knife; pineapple and/or melon; drinking glass; matching flowers, twigs and grasses (e.g. roses, hydrangeas, Heuchera leaves, summer asters, grasses, columbines, blackberry twigs, Eustoma etc.).
  1. Cut off the lid of the fruit (for pineapple, cut it at the top of the crown; for melon, lengthwise).
  2. Hollow out the fruit.
  3. Place a drinking glass filled with water in the cavity and fill it with flowers.
To avoid water stains on furniture, it's best to place the fruit on a base (e. g. a wooden board, flat stone or slate). The flesh can be used to make a wonderful fruit salad!

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