Loving - Coffee or Tea Time with roses

An individual interior is characterized by the fact that it offers something surprising. So why not plant roses in a coffee mug or tea cup for once?
White cups; pencil pointer (for drawing); mini-roses (plants); for variant 1, additionally some paper.
Method variant 1
  1. Fold a sheet of paper, draw a half heart and cut it out.
  2. Hold the fold of the heart against the handle. Now only one half of the heart is visible on the cup, while the other half overlaps the handle. Use the pencil pointer to draw dots that follow the outline of the half heart on the cup.
  1. Decorate the handle with dots.
  2. Once the paint is dry, plant the flowers in the cup.
Method variant 2
  • Paint small hearts on the cup with the pencil pointer, let them dry and plant the roses.
Method variant 3
  • Write «Be my Valentine» (or another message) on the cup with the pencil pointer, let it dry and plant the flowers.
Water the roses once or twice a week with a little water.

Flowers say more than a thousand words

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