Fleurop & Max Havelaar - for more fairness

Learn here how you can help small farmers and workers overcome poverty and create better living conditions.
Why Max Havelaar?
For orders delivered in Switzerland, Fleurop offers Max Havelaar-certified Fairtrade roses of first-class florist quality.
Max Havelaar is a non-profit organisation that was founded in Switzerland in 1992 to promote fair trade with products from developing countries.

Fair trade supports small farmers and workers to escape poverty by their own efforts and to strengthen their position in world trade.
How to recognize Max Havelaar?
The primary focus is to ensure a decent working environment for small farmers and plantation workers and to improve living conditions for families and whole villages. So that people can recognise such products, the Max Havelaar Foundation labels fair trade products with its Fairtrade label. That also applies to roses.

Fleurop has been a Max Havelaar partner since October 2003 and offers roses with the Max Havelaar Fairtrade label through its Swiss partner stores and via www.fleurop.ch

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