The name of the peony

How does a plant get its name? And why does it sometimes have two of them? Join us on the search for traces.
The German name «Pfingstrose» (Pentecost Rose) comes from its flowering period around Pentecost. The botanical name «Paeonia», on the other hand, goes back to the Greek physician Paeon, who is said to have healed the wounded god of the dead Hades with the help of peonies. With this, however, he enraged the god of medicine, Asclepius, who tried to kill Paeon out of jealousy. But Zeus saved Paeon by transforming him into a beautiful peony.
Peony or Pentecost Rose? European countries are divided on this. Because in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Hungary the flower is called Pentecost Rose - in the respective national language - while in the rest of Europe people tend to stick to the botanical name and call it - depending on the country - peony, pivoine, peonia, pivoňka etc.

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